Stiff Twigs Yoga

with Katie Bull

I teach a holistic yoga class, sharing a slow flow practice of physical postures, breath control to help our individual stillness

Stiff Twigs Yoga

with Katie Bull

I began practising yoga whilst I was pregnant ten years ago. I loved the physical postures whilst learning all about breath control and the stillness you can achieve.


Bespoke one to one classes available in my private studio.

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I have practiced yoga for many years and loved how this changed my perspective on exercise. Yoga created the balance I needed that was physically challenging and yet allows me to sit in stillness, calming the mind and practice breath control.

I began teaching yoga after completing a 500 hour teacher training course with The Devon School of Yoga. Their holistic approach of teaching encouraged me to develop from an amazing solid foundation and explore to become an autonomous yoga teacher.

Yoga is an individual journey and how we practice is a unique experience which can change with our lifestyle & daily experiences. I am passionate whilst I’m teaching to invite you to listen to your body and encourage you to explore what you need during your practice. We are all unique and no one knows you better than yourself.

Creating Stiff Twigs Yoga was a way that I could encourage people of all abilities to come and enjoy the benefits of yoga. I teach Holistic yoga, focussing on listening to our bodies whilst finding our own yoga path to discover our inner strengths and our individual power within. We are all unique and our bodies reflect that. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not, regular yoga practice has so many healing and rejuvenating benefits whilst allowing us to manage our busy stressful lives by developing the ability to enjoy stillness.

At Stiff Twigs Yoga We aim to grow a flexible future that is content and balanced.